Food For Ukraine coordinates the project in Ukraine and Klub Ukraina coordinates the collection of funds from Denmark

A MEAL = DKK 1.67

150 kr.
1 Box

You provide 90 meals, 
and feeds 1 person for a month
(Equivalent to 14.5 kg of food)
750 KR.
5 Boxes

You provide 450 meals and feed 5 people for a month
(Equivalent to 72.5 kg of food)
1,500 kr.
10 Boxes

You provide 900 meals,
and feeds 10 people for a month
(Equivalent to 145 kg of food)
3,750 kr.
25 Boxes

You provide 2250 meals, 
and feeds 25 people for a month
(equivalent to 362.5 kg of food)

MOBILEPAY 576408 Danske Bank REG. NO. 9570 ACCOUNT NO. 13395063 Type "FOOD" in the message field