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Basic Food Program

To date, July 2024, we have delivered over 2,860,000 meals. We have started a new project and are dedicated to delivering food boxes to areas of Ukraine where the conflict is most intense.

June 2024

Another trip to Antonivka, a village on the riverbank. The situation is worsening, with drones constantly flying overhead, detecting any movement, so we had to move quickly to ensure everyone’s safety. This time, we delivered 200 bags of food, filled with essentials to help the residents get by. 

It was heartwarming to see familiar faces, still staying strong and hopeful despite the chaos surrounding them. Their courage and determination continue to inspire us every day.

May 2024

On May 23rd, we visited Zaporizhzhia and met with soldiers who escorted us into Orikhiv, a town right on the frontline. Orikhiv faces daily relentless attacks — artillery, rockets, drones, and airstrikes have damaged or destroyed nearly every building. With the help of the soldiers, we delivered 200 food bags to one of the few untouched buildings in town, a vital hub where people seek assistance amid the chaos. Despite these immense challenges, the community shows remarkable resilience. However, their need for humanitarian aid remains critical for survival.

May 2024

Last week, we returned to Antonivka, a city under constant shelling. With each visit here, we confront new devastation—a harsh reality. Yet, people persist here.

We delivered 15 kilograms of food boxes filled with various items that could sustain them for a month.

Witnessing these resilient individuals, especially the elderly, carrying these heavy boxes, reinforced our belief that we were making a difference.

Their expressions of gratitude, shown through smiles and hugs, overwhelmed us.

One woman even gifted us a bottle of homemade wine!

Their resilience inspires us to continue.

April 2024

We packed boxes with enough food to last a person a month and with our vans fully loaded, we set off on yet another journey to the Kherson region. 

Upon arrival, we distributed over 100 Food Boxes to a deaf community, ensuring their nutritional needs were met. Another 100 boxes went to an elderly community along the Dnipro River. The trip was a success, thanks to the dedication of local residents and volunteers who assisted us throughout.

We thank Together For You and Danish Crown for their invaluable support, making this initiative possible and truly impacting those we aim to help.

March 2024

In collaboration with "Blue Team International", we organized a barbecue day for 50 widows and their children, where we also handed out gift cards worth 1,000 hryvnia to each, for future food purchases. In addition to this, we prepared 25 Basic Food Boxes for the elderly in the local community. A big thank you to Danish Crown for donating the sausages.

It was an unforgettable day filled with joy, where we could see the joy in the eyes of the participating families and the elderly. Being able to offer them not only a delicious meal but also resources for future purchases is a way to show our support and solidarity at a time when many are facing financial challenges due to the ongoing conflict.

These actions are an expression of our common desire to help and support each other in difficult times. We are deeply grateful to everyone who contributed to this initiative and made it possible.

February 2024

Amid the ongoing conflict following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, many people are enduring severe hardship and urgently require humanitarian assistance. The war has resulted in infrastructure destruction, loss of life, and profound disruption of daily life across Ukraine. Consequently, there is a growing demand for emergency aid, including food, medicine, and other essential supplies.

In response to this critical situation, we successfully delivered a truck carrying 22 tons of canned meat from Denmark to Odesa, Ukraine. We extend heartfelt thanks to the volunteers from "Южная столица" who assisted in unloading the truck. Over the coming weeks, we will sort and package the donated canned meat along with other food items as part of our "Basic Food Program" for families and individuals living on the front lines in Ukraine. We are grateful to Danish Crown for providing the canned meat distributed.

January 2024

With invaluable support from "Blue Team International," we gathered our strength to prepare and distribute 220 food bags, along with an additional bag filled with fresh vegetables, to families and individuals in Antonivka, Kherson region.

Each encounter with the harsh realities of war—destruction and suffering—leaves a lasting impact on us. These experiences motivate us to continue our efforts diligently, providing assistance to those affected.

January 2024

During our recent mission to Kherson, we delivered 45 carefully prepared bags containing food and hygiene products to a local elderly group. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated local friend Victor for his tireless support of these 45 elderly individuals. We also express gratitude to Blue Team International for their assistance with this donation.

November 2023

Once again, we are going on a mission to the Kherson region with the aim of ensuring that those on the front lines are never forgotten. Despite the adverse weather conditions, the Ukrainians showed remarkable resilience. They warmly welcomed us, even in the rain, with hugs and smiles amidst the challenging circumstances. 

A special thanks goes to Danish Crown.dk for their ongoing support. Your contribution is essential to our efforts. 

Another special thanks to @baiselmi for filming and editing the touching footage that depicts the harsh reality of the area. Her work enables us to show the world the challenges these brave people face and how important our work is. Without her efforts, many of these stories would remain unseen and unheard.

November 2023

Another eventful mission to the Kherson region. Thanks to the invaluable support of the Good Samaritan Foundation, we have collected food items to make 500 vital food bags, supplemented by 200 hot meals from Steve from Canada. Special thanks to @baiselmi for filming and editing the poignant footage depicting the harsh reality of the area.

The network "Titiana" is our entrance to Antonivka, which is on the front and is under daily attack from mortars, artillery, bombs or drones. 

The population tries to maintain their daily routines despite the constant danger. It's a heartbreaking reminder of how hard war hits the most vulnerable and it's heartbreaking to see the elderly moving out into the throes of need, terrified by the sound of shells exploding nearby. Every bag of food and every hot meal we bring is a glimmer of hope in an otherwise dark time. 

These people live in constant fear and uncertainty, but their courage, vitality and endurance are admirable.

October 2023

Back in the Kherson region, we have teamed up with several small local networks to solve an important mission.
Together we have started purchasing various food items to make 500 weekly bags. A weekly bag is enough for a family of 4 to get the most basic food items to survive for a week.
In addition, Steve from Canada has joined us and delivered 500 ready-made meals to the war-torn village of Antonivka.
Antonivka, located outside Kherson, faces relentless bombardment from artillery and drone strikes day and night. Yet its residents continue with their daily routines, knowing that every step outside could be their last. These resilient people have nowhere to turn and nowhere to flee to. A heartfelt thank you goes to the volunteers who made this mission possible. Special gratitude goes to the local network "Titiana" for ensuring that every family in the village receives a weekly bag. Your help is invaluable - Luke Maddox and Danish Crown - without you it would not have been possible.

September 2023

We recently visited a front-line village in the Kherson region that bore the brunt of months of relentless bombardment. The devastation was evident, with many homes damaged by shelling. Moreover, the situation worsened due to a natural disaster following the bursting of the Nova Kakhovka dam, which flooded most of the village. This disaster rendered numerous homes uninhabitable, displaced countless residents, and plunged them into great desperation.

We gave them canned food and cleaning supplies to help them rebuild their homes after the extensive damage. A heartfelt thank you to our friends for generously providing the much needed cleaning supplies.


August 2023

We have reached another significant milestone, as another 22 tons of canned meat, generously donated by @danishcrown.dk and their employees, are on their way to Odesa. Their unwavering support has been invaluable and indispensable. These donations will be carefully packed into weekly bags and distributed to the frontline villages in Ukraine, where they will provide essential nutrition to those facing the greatest challenges.

Without the collaboration with Danish Crown and DSV - Global Transport and Logistics for the transport from Denmark to Ukraine, we would not have been able to help so many Ukrainians. They send their warm regards and gratitude for the support.

JULY 2023

Meet Vladimir , "Braveheart" from Kherson.

Amidst the aftermath of the floods caused by the collapse of the Kakhovka hydroelectric dam in Kherson, Ukraine, there are still brave people.

Vladimir, who is 84 years old, has lived a life that has contained both moments of joy and indescribable difficulties. He has endured the loss of his beloved wife twelve years ago and seen his children and grandchildren escape to safety.

 In Valdimir's apartment there are numerous black-and-white photographs; a glimpse into a life full of memories.

During the flood, caused by the dam collapse, Vladimir faces the feeling of terror for an extended period as he watches the water rise rapidly from his window and flood the ground floor. Despite the feeling of hopelessness, he collects his most precious possessions, documents and photo albums filled with love. When the evacuation boat arrives, he is ready and makes sure that his treasured memories will survive. The challenges even continue to new heights. The inexorable rise of the water means that he will not be able to return home, and he finds temporary shelter in a stranger's house.

His house, located on the outskirts of the city, exposed him to constant danger from mortars and artillery. Loud explosions, both outgoing and incoming shells, could be heard every 15 minutes or so. These sounds, the result of ongoing conflicts, had been a part of his life even before the flood, and Vladimir faced the psychological stress of living in these conditions.

Vladimir shares some of his past and reveals a life marked by resilience and determination. Born in 1939 in Siberia, he experienced the harsh realities of the Second World War and lost his father in the conflict. His family faced post-war hardships that led them to Ukraine, where they settled in order to survive. 

His passion for the sea led him to pursue a career in the Civil Navy, where his dedication and ability to lead earned him the position of Captain. Love blossomed and he married Vera, a beautiful and intelligent woman, with whom he built a strong and loving family. Vladimir's career developed and he moved to Kherson, where he was awarded an apartment in recognition of his work.

Now retired with over 60 years of work experience, Vladimir faces new challenges as a result of the flood. His retirement income, once adequate, is struggling to meet the needs of this unexpected disaster. Amidst the difficulties, however, his greatest dream remains simple yet profound; To see an end to the war and to be reunited with his children and grandchildren.

July 2023

In the midst of the chaos of war, an unexpected flash of light occurs: a fishing competition. Yes, even in the midst of conflict there are moments of respite. Odessa Defense invited to a fishing competition designed especially for wounded soldiers. The excursion was organized for the soldiers who have fought bravely, but have unfortunately been injured in battle. They are undergoing rehabilitation in Odessa. 
Amidst the camaraderie of the event, we heard countless heartbreaking stories. One soldier told how he had to pretend to be dead when Russian forces passed by. Another shared the terrifying experience of being trapped in a minefield for two agonizing days with no way to escape.

June 2023

As we return to Kherson to deliver to another team of elderly and disabled people who have asked for our help, we are confronted with the heartbreaking sight of new injuries at every intersection. 
Despite the devastation and the daily bombardment, our primary focus remains on ensuring the well-being of everyone in the small local groups of survivors we meet around Kherson. Unfortunately, the loss of life and home continues to mount, and people we previously visited are no longer here. However, in the midst of these daunting challenges, we find people like Victor and Larissa who, regardless of their own situation, continue to help.


Meet Marina, "Braveheart from Kherson".

Her husband was a famous conductor in Ukraine.

The Russians asked him to come and be employed by them. He declined. It was a fatal decision.

Marina and her husband were shot one afternoon in their apartment.

The man died on the spot.

Marina was hit in the stomach, chest and head. She was then dragged down 4 floors of stairs while Russians robbed the apartment.

She was thrown onto a bench where she lay for a while. She took the bullet out of her head herself - right behind the ear, the hospital didn't dare help with that.

June 2023

In our endeavor to strengthen and extend the supply of food to those in need, we have entered into a collaboration with Luke Maddox from Conscience International in the USA and Nigel Watson from the UK. While we handle the delivery of canned meat, they are responsible for purchasing and packing the remaining contents in the weekly bags we deliver.
On this particular trip we were accompanied by Steve from Canada who has taken responsibility for the welfare of a group of 100 people. We also provide him with preserved meat. Together we work to ensure that important resources reach as many people as possible.

April 2023

Today is a truly memorable event. Munkebo Seafood and Nordic Suger as well as Danish Crown and their employees have generously donated the first full truck with 22 tons of food aid to Ukraine.
DSV has been involved from the start, and has donated the transport from Denmark to Lviv in Ukraine.
Throughout the war, we have consistently supported Ukraine, and this gesture is an important recognition of our efforts.
From Denmark to Ukraine, there is widespread gratitude for the unwavering support and dedication to helping those in need. Together with @danishcrown.dk, @munkeboseafood, @nordicsugar and @dsv_global we make a difference. Thank you❤️

March 2023

Igor, who has been our friend since the beginning of the war, introduced us to various security issues on our planned mission. The Russians shell Kherson several times a day.
Our acquaintance with Igor dates back to April 2022 in Odesa, when we delivered an ambulance and a truck full of medicine to a children's hospital.
During this meeting he introduced us to Odessa Defence.
Through the Odessa Defence, we gained access to Kherson, a region that had recently been liberated from the occupation. Soon after, Igor equipped us with bulletproof vests and prepared us for our journey to Kherson. Despite the depressing sight of the devastation of war, our trip was a success. 
Inspired by the work of the NGO "Go Dziva", we decided to collaborate with them to ensure that they had the necessary resources to prepare hot meals for 350 people daily.
When we transport food across Ukraine, some is stored in a central warehouse, which several volunteers have access to. These volunteers diligently ensure that important supplies such as food, clothing and other necessities reach those most in need. This interconnected network is our strength and enables us to respond quickly to areas of most urgent need.

December 2022

In December 2022, when I visited a friend who works at Danish Crown in Vejle, I heard about "Lucky bags". The employees of Danish Crown could buy residual products worth DKK 25 for 6 kg. Once I understood the concept, I bought 1.5 tons of "lucky bags" and set off on a trip to Ukraine, which was in dire need of emergency aid.
The first food mission went to the destination of Zaporizhzhia, where we helped a refugee camp, an orphanage and a communal kitchen for internally displaced people. In addition, we visited Sumy, Kharkiv and Kiev to establish future collaborations with other NGOs and individuals.
After this, the collaboration with Danish Crown was expanded so that each employee could donate 6 kg of food to those in need in Ukraine for DKK 25. For every bag employees bought, the factory matched a matching donation. 
This initiative now includes all Danish Crown employees in Denmark.